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The younger brother of Lulu by just a few minutes, Billy has a heart of gold and a brain that’s largely custard.
Bo is the youngest member of the BKS gang (bless) but arguably the most intelligent.
Some people think Dinga is a bit dim, but he’s actually just differently intelligent.
If the Bottom Knocker Street Kids were likened to body parts, Lulu would be the head.
“Meena Mander is a panda”. Those cruel words in the school playground drove young Meena towards greatness.
Owner of the ‘Trinketry’ shop, Sonia is a good friend to the BKS Kids.
... [MGinny doesn't say much]
Mac has a very simple way of looking at life – through his eyes.
Myrtle is one of the more unpredictable residents of the street, always happy to lend a hand or offer advice.
Let’s just say that Stan wasn’t always a postman. I mean, he was, but he likes to imagine that he wasn’t.
No-one really remembers how Councillor Cowdrey got elected, but presumably skulduggery was involved.
Mr Mussatussamus is a decent man cursed to work for Councillor Cowdrey.
Not a lot is known about Noola, the elf-like child who lives on a hill.